Wednesday, February 6, 2008

I'm so over the nonsense

I hate to be a Debbie Downer, but I'm so bored right now - none of these auditions is really that interesting or entertaining. The Dolly Parton girl, who they sent out to learn a Dolly Parton song because they said she sounded like her, was OK, but it all seems like a waste of time - she won't make it past Hollywood if she can't be versatile, so I'm not really sure why they let her through.

Now I'm watching Joshua Moreland of West Palm Beach, Fla., who goes by Jay Smoove, and I think he's kind of a joke, too. He sings a song that consists of maybe three or four notes and sprinkles glitter on the ground. He even gets down on bended knee, but the bottom line is he's not good, and I, for one, have hit my limit on the nonsense.

I watch this show because I love watching people get an opportunity to fulfill a dream they thought was out of reach. I enjoy the finals, when you can really invest in a contestant, watch how they've improved or comment on how last week was better. But the auditions process is just annoying to me and I really just don't enjoy it anymore.

Anyway, back to Jay Smoove, Simon tells him the audition was over-the-top, corny and revolting. Randy seems to think he has a voice, but that he's just not ready. They all say no, and I'm praying the next person they show has some speck of talent.

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