Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Some familiar faces

I feel like we've seen David Hernandez, of Glendale, Ariz., although I can't really remember. I will, however, remember him now. I really like his voice - and for me, the guys so far this season haven't been all that great, so I'm hoping the judges like this guy because I certainly do. Paula loves him right away, she's clapping and nodding along, so I feel pretty confident he'll go on to the next round. I hope they make him grow his hair out a bit. I like men with short hair, but I feel like his hair is just a little too short - maybe a different style would add something to his face. I mean, he's an attractive guy - I just think he'd look better with something different. Anyway, Randy tells him he liked it from the first note and Simon says that he looks really comfortable on stage. Of course, all three judges say yes, so he's safe until the next round.

So Amanda Overmeyer, the rocker nurse from Indiana, is back and she's been in a really bad car accident - she broke a few ribs and has like 12 staples in her head, but she's carrying on... she sings "Light My Fire" and while I love her and liked her performance, I'm beginning to wonder about her voice - it still sounds like she wants to be Janis Joplin with that raspiness and I wonder if she'll be able to switch up her sound. But she's good enough for now - she makes it through. But first, Simon mentions to her that she needs to work on changing up her voice because right now, he knows what all her songs are going to sound like. He's right and I wonder if she'll be good enough to make it past this week.

As expected, the nerves have gotten the best of a few folks. Despite Simon's warning about not forgetting the lyrics - he even says there will be no excuses, that if they forget the words, they'll get a no - many still do.

The first guy to forget the words is Buck Smith, who we definitely didn't see in auditions, and I hope they give him another shot, because what he did sing was really, really good. Cardin McKinney, on the other hand, was not good. I don't remember what I thought of her the first time around, but this time, I'm kind of hoping they cut her - it was that bad. Natasha Blach totally blanked and let a few measures go by without saying anything at all. They'll all be back on day three...

Ghaleb Emachah, the Venezuelan guy, is back and while I just adore him, his accent is still really thick - I wish he would have just tried singing in Spanish - I feel like he could have really won them over that way... but instead, he sings Bryan Adams, who is kind of cheesy anyway, and he doesn't do a great job with it. So, it's a no for him - but there's still hope... he has one more shot.

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