Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Saving the best for last, I guess

I love Chikezie Eze, partly because his name is awesome, but also because he can sing. He tried out last year but says that Randy didn't like him. His voice is smooth, soothing - I think he's great and it's about time we had some talent tonight. Tonight's show was supposed to be the best of the rest and really, it's just been a night of garbage, so this is refreshing for me.

Simon tells him he's interesting but that he's not sure his voice is that interesting. Geez... after all the yuck we've seen so far, I'd think this guy would stand out just for being able to carry at tune. Paula disagrees and says yes. So, it's all up to Randy... They pan out to Ryan who is talking to Chikezie's family, and he's telling him that sometimes deternination and hard work pay off like they did just now, and then they show Chikezie coming out with a golden ticket. Finally.

The last contestant is Danny Noriega, who tried out last year, but didn't make it through. He says he chose a bad song and the nerves got the best of him. This time around, he chooses "Proud Mary" and I think it's pretty good - a bit too dramatic with the performance, but his voice is good - it's strong and clear and has a sultry quality to it. Simon tells him he a good voice, that he's more confident this year. Randy tells him it was one of the best auditions he's seen. Paula says that what makes them go "Oh my God" is that it's not expected to have that voice come out of him. So this year he gets a yes from all three judges and he's through to Hollywood.

I can't wait for next week, because for me, this is where the show really begins. See you in Hollywood...

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