Tuesday, February 5, 2008

We have a winner... or two

It only took a couple of notes for me to fall in love with the voice of Alexandrea Lushinton, the girl who showed up with a huge posse, including her 93-year-old great-grandmother. She has such control of her voice and her voice is full and clear - no pitch problems at all. Just wonderful. The judges must agree because she only sings maybe be three lines of her song and they stop her. Randy tells her it was excellent and then asks her how old she is. She's only 16 - absolutely amazing. She could win this whole thing - at least from the pool we've seen so far, I think she beats them all. If we don't see this girl in the top 5 at least, I'll be surprised. Of course, all the judges say yes and she's through to Hollywood.

But wait!! Amanda Overmeyer, the motorcycle-riding nurse with the two-tone hair is pretty cool too. She says she's auditioning to find out if singing is how she's going to make her money or if nursing is gonna be it. She's happy either way and that's what I think is so cool about her - she doesn't have unrealistic expectations of the experience - she's just going in to see how it goes. She knows that her look is enough for her to stand out, she says it's just a matter of whether they dig it or not. In my opinion, I think if she can sing, they'll dig it. And boy, her sound is awesome - totally different from every single girl we've seen so far. She can totally pull off the rocker thing and thankfully, the judges love her and she's through to Hollywood. You know, she could be in the running, too. People love women who can rock. Can't wait to see more of her.

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