Wednesday, February 13, 2008

There's something about Josiah

Josiah Leming, the guy from Tennessee who lives in his car and who sings with a British accent, is starting to grow on me. He plays the keyboard while singing and I really enjoy his voice - he has a very cool sound that I can't really explain. The British accent actually works for him and even though his voice isn't perfectly trained and his vibrato is kind of odd, it all just comes together for him. He's completely unpolished but also kind of uninhibited on stage, so he's not afraid to take risks with his voice or performance - it's very odd, but his audition tonight would have been awful had anyone else attempted it - like I said, it all just comes together for him. The judges feel the same way about him - Randy says he's cool and that he likes him - Paula says he's magical, that he makes people smile... but no one can really pinpoint what it is. Simon tells him that out of all the auditions, this is the one he's going to remember. He gets a yes from all three judges and he's through to the next round.

I have to be a little mean right now. And I hate to do it because I actually really like Danny Noriega, but that haircut has to go - it may be stylish and fashion-forward or whatever, but it makes him look a little bit like a girl. A very pretty girl, but a girl, nonetheless. But besides the girly hair, I love his voice - can't wait to see more. They showed him in a montage with people who did well, so my assumption is that he's through to the next round, along with Ramiele Malubay, the little Filipino girl with the huge voice, Carly Smithson, the Irish girl with all the tattoos who didn't get her visa in time for last season, and Michael Johns, the Australian cutie who reminded me of Heath Ledger (not as much tonight).

Do people really Bryan Adams or do they just think their voices sound good singing his songs? And seriously, of all his songs, I'd say the most painful is "Everything I Do, I Do It For You" and it seems like that's the one people are gravitating toward. But David Cook, of Blue Springs, Mo., unlike Ghaleb before him, sings it really well, despite it being a horribly boring tune. Randy and Paula love him, while Simon thinks he'll appear vulnerable without his guitar. He gets a no from Simon, but Randy and Paula put him through to the next round. I hope they give him a haircut - his hair is just awful. Oh how funny... not even 5 minutes later, David's being interviewed by Ryan and they're talking about how Simon wasn't crazy about him and he tells Ryan, "I think he's just not a fan of my hair..." Really? Ugh...please cut it...

Oh boy... more Bryan Adams... I almost can't stomach it.... Except I do love Robbie Carrico, of Melbourne, Fla.. Just a beautiful clear tone to his voice - wow. Hope there's more of him later.

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