Thursday, February 21, 2008

She rocked it out

Amanda Overmyer, the rocker nurse, is one of the women I've been looking forward to. She stands out from the rest and I'm hoping she's able to do something beyond Janis Joplin. She talks about her big car accident and how she was struck by a semi-truck. She says that it's become a joke in her family, with them saying that if a semi can't take her down, then nothing will. She also goes on to say that she plans to not sing Janis Joplin anymore because Simon told her during Hollywood week that she shouldn't have to pale in comparison.

So tonight, she comes out, with her hair toned down a bit. It looks like the stylists took a bit of the blond out of her hair, and she's wearing these really cool patchwork jeans. She looks great - and she sounds even better. She sings "Baby Please Don't Go," which I believe is by Muddy Waters, and it's a totally wild and crazy song. She, of course, does a phenomenal job with it. I mean, I'm not crazy about the song, especially the scatting, but she's just such an authentic rocker chick, her voice is so original, especially among these 12, that she's one of my favorites so far.

Randy says he loved it... and as a side note, comments on her pants, saying he could rock a pair like that. Paula says she loves everything she does because she's authentic and Simon says he really likes her becasue he genuinely thinks she's authentic and she stands out in the crowd. He says it wasn't her best performance - he thinks she forgot the words in the middle of the song, doesn't realize she was scatting. She kind of laughs at him and says, "C'mon, haven't you ever heard the song before?" The funny thing is if anyone else had something like that to Simon, it would have annoyed me, but she does it in just a sweet, light-hearted way that you don't take it badly. He tells her that he wants her to stay for a long time, that she was a bit all over the place at times, which Randy and Paula say is the song, but he goes on to say again that he likes her.

Best part of the performance, though, is after it, when she's talking to Ryan. He says he hopes the semi-truck driver who hit her is out there somewhere voting for her and she responds to the camera, "Yeah, sorry for pullin' out in front of you, dude, like seriously, I didn't mean to." She's hilarious and so likable. I love her - can't wait to see what she does next week.

Amy Davis, the girl whose grandmother or great-grandmother is Japanese, is up next. She sings "Where the Boys Are," which I think is by Connie Francis. Forgive me, but I've never heard this song, so I don't know if the way she's singing it is the way it was meant to be sung, but all I can say is that she's boring me, and I wonder if it's the song or her. I mean, the singing wasn't horrendous, but you could hear the nerves in her voice - she was a bit shaky in spots and was off-key a couple of times.
I don't know - I wasn't impressed.

Randy says it wasn't great, that there were a lot of pitch problems. Paula says the nerves got the best of her and that the song wasn't engaging. Simon tells her she looks great, but she didn't sound great, that she was boring, that it was a bit cabaret, the arrangement was boring, and that it seemed to go on for like 10 minutes.

Up next is Brooke White, the nanny who has necer seen an R-rated movie. I like her, but I agree a bit with Simon - she's maybe too much of a good girl. It would be nice to see her loosen up a little bit, but for now, she's sweet.

What? Again? This is the second time one of the girls decided to sing the same song one of the guys did last night. She sing The Turtles' "So Happy Together," which David Cook did. Her voice is nice, but nothing about it stands out, at least not in my opinion. And what's worse - her outfit is pretty bland, too. She's wearing a gray sweater and jeans - blah. Oh no... and the last part of her song, she stops singing words - she was just singing "Ba ba ba ba..." I don't know. It wans't a great performance - not one of the worst, but definitely nowhere near the best.

Randy says it started out a little rough, but by the end she worked it out. Paula's lost her mind on this one - she tells her that this competition is about originality and that's what she loves about her, that she has her own thing going on. I could not disagree any more than I do. I don't believe there's anything original about Brooke, except her super-duper nice persona, which doesn't translate to music. I mean, she just fades into the background, as far as I'm concerned. Simon tells her it was very her, but not his cup of tea.

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