Thursday, February 14, 2008

David Archuleta is in... and some other folks, too

So, here we are, ready to here the results. Who will be in the Top 24? Let's get right to it...

First one up is Ronald Hodge, who I don't remember seeing at all through any of the auditions, so my guess is that's a bad sign. Then they show a clip of him during Hollywood week and his eyes are crazy when he sings. I can't imagine he'll be in the Top 24, but who knows? But no, he's not and he seems to take it well, but he does say that he doesn't know what he's going to do with his life now. That's kind of scary and sad for me. I don't understand people who stake their whole futures on a TV show - it's just not realistic. But enough about that... who's next?

Nina Shaw, a beautiful young woman is also told that she didn't make it, as is Mycale Guyton and Lisa Aukerman, all people we haven't even seen audition.

But Carly Smithson is up next, and my feeling is that she'll be the first one in the Top 24 - they've shown her a lot so far and they're again telling her story about how she tried out, but couldn't get her visa, blah blah blah. They show her saying that if she doens't make it, she doesn't know if she would continue singing because
people get so hurt in the industry.

Good Lord, is she crying?? The judges are talking about how they select the finalists and she's crying - it almost makes me wish they would tell her no, so she'd really have something to cry about, but you can tell they're just setting her up for a fake-out, and she really will make it in. I was right - Carly Smithson is the first one to join the Top 24.

David Cook, the guy with the horrendous hair, is next and he's in, too. Amanda Overmeyer, the rocker nurse, is also in, and I gotta say, she didn't seem all that excited about it.

Brandon Green, Amanda Hawkins, and Buck Smith are cut next - again, people we didn't see any of - We saw a glimpse of Buck Smith yesterday and what I heard, I liked, but I suppose it wasn't good enough. Much like last year, I'm left wishing we could have seen more, so that we could judge for ourselves whether we felt they were deserving or not. So far, the only people cut have had little to no air time, so how do we, as viewers, know that that they weren't good enough?

Ooh, David Archuleta is next. If he doesn't make it, there's a strong possibility I will turn the TV off right now and just stop watching this show. He's amazing and if he's not good enough for the Top 24, then I don't know who is. But they say yes, so now I know who I'm rooting for (so far).

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Anonymous said...

actually, we saw too much of Brandon Green. He was the guy who peeled his fingernails.