Wednesday, February 13, 2008

One last shot

I had completely forgotten about David Archuleta, the 16-year-old who had had vocal paralysis. I don't know how I could have let him slip out of my mind - he's so good and so young... too young to be so good. They actually show one of the back-up singers wiping tears away while sings - I wonder if that was about him or if it's totally unrelated... but still... he's just incredible - he could win the whole thing, I think. Just such a clear and beautiful tone... really wonderful. Of course the judges all say yes, so he's through to the next round.

My adorable dork is back and he picks a great song for his voice - I think he's great, but I wonder if the judges think he might be too "geeky" to put on TV. Randy tells him that it was actually really good, but Paula says it was safe. I think they're both right... but there's nothing wrong with playing it safe - at least not this early. He picked a song that would show off his voice - where's the shame in that? Simon apologizes for storming out the other day and tells him that his performance was very good. So, he gets a yes from all three judges and he's through, too.

Jeffrey Lampkin, the super energetic guy who had tried out with his sister doesn't do so well - he's kind of pitchy and a bit over dramatic during his audition. Paula tells him, "I believe you know it kind of fell apart."

Joey Catalano, who I think I really enjoyed during auditions, is kind of dull this time around and they send him home.

Syesha Mercado, the girl who had kind of lost her voice during Hollywood week somehow works it out and really kills it in her final audition. The judges love her and she's through to the next round.

Australian Michael Johns sings "Bohemian Rhapsody" and it's insane!!! I love that song anyway, but what a great job he did with it - beautiful. Judges send him through, of course. Simon even tells him it was the best audition of the day.

Carly Smithson is through, too. I'm not sure about her yet. I mean, I like her voice and everything - there's just nothing really interesting about her yet. But she sings beautifully, so I'm sure there will be plenty of time to know more about her.

Asia'h Epperson, the girl whose father was killed in a crash while she was on her way to the audition, is through, too, but Brooke Helvie, the girl Simon said was annoying, is cut.

Josiah Leming is the last one to audition and because of some misunderstandings, he hasn't had time to go through his song with the band. He does a smart thing, I think, when he walks into the audition. Instead of feeling like the band screwed him up, he asks them to let him audition by himself. Unfortunately, he picked "Stand By Me," which is a beautiful song when accompanied by music. I think this guy felt too much pressure way to early to make the song his own and I just can't imagine they'll let him through - the audition is just not really good. BUt they do et him through, based on his other performances. Interesting.

Well, that's it... tomorrow's the big day. I'm kind of getting excited again. Tonight was a good show - so much better now that the garbage is gone - it was just talent tonight and it was really nice to see.

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AI fan said...

The more I think back about it, the more I hope Michael Johns does well. He's got a great voice, although it could be a little restrictive when it comes to pop tunes. Asia'H Epperson impressed me this time without too much emphasis on her personal tragedy and full control of her voice.