Wednesday, February 13, 2008

And the cuts begin...

I have a real weakness for adorable dorks and can you get any more adorable than Kyle Ensley, of Valliant, Okla., who got assigned to a hotel room with two girls in it? He's just too cute for words - he actually reminds me of Patrick Dempsey in "Can't Buy Me Love," before he grew up and got all hot and sophisticated. Anyway, he's just super cute and Paula seems to like him, too, so I'm hopeful we'll see more of him. Well, Paula tells him his performance was a little corny, but that there's always a spirit like his needed in the performance arena. Simon tells him it was abysmal. As Paula goes on about his spirit, Simon gets annoyed and walks out. And they don't tell us Kyle's fate just yet. I'll keep my fingers crossed for him, although it doesn't look good.

But for now, we're on to the last-shot singing round, where the people who didn't get automatically sent to the next round have one last shot to sing for their lives, and how sad that Suzanne Toon and Perrie Cataldo are both here. They are both single parents who talked about giving their kids better opportunities and I was rooting for both of them. But it's over for the two of them and they handle it really well - no drama, just disappointment.

Amy Flynn, despite being very young and a bit pouty, is a little endearing. She really is as innocent as she appears - she's the girl who preaches abstinence - and there's something very refreshing about the purity of her character. But they actually send her home and I'm a little surprised - she actually has a very nice voice. I would have liked to see more of her. I can only venture a guess that they thought she had time to grow - she's only 16 - maybe she'll be back next year.

Angelica Puente, the girl who tried out to make her father proud, got cut, as did Kayla Hatfield, bthe girl who had been a bad car accident. I remember her not being that good, so I'm not terribly surprised that she got cut, although she seemed pretty shocked. She was crying so hard, she could barely breathe - she couldn't manage to get a word out for an interview.

Kristy Lee Cook was someone I could have rooted for, but I have such a problem with people who rely on one song to get them through. If all you can do is sing one song well, then you're not a singer. I'm annoyed that she chooses to sing "Amazing Grace" like she did in her audition and I kind of hope they call her on it.

Jeffrey Lampkin, the guy who tried out with his sister, is on the chopping block - his sister was already cut. And Angela Martin, the girl with the disabled daughter, is singing for her life, too. I loved her in the audition round, not so much for her voice, but really for her struggle and since that audition, her struggle has only gotten worse - her father was killed before she got to Hollywood, but she went anyway, trying to make a better life for her daughter.

Well, Jefrrey Lampkin makes it through, as does Kristy Lee Cook (totally not fair) and if I'm not mistaken, my adorable dork makes it, too. Angela Martin is cut, though, and she seems to have a good attitide - she says her daughter needs her and she's going home to be with her, so it's all good.

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