Thursday, March 6, 2008

"Who wants to live forever" when Kady Malloy sings?

I'm actually really looking forward to next week when the guys and girls are mixed together, because I have to say the past few weeks have been almost unbearable - on Wednesday nights. The girls are so much worse than the guys this year, it's actually painful to watch, and I dread it every week. At least next week, watching a girl bomb won't be so bad knowing that one of the guys is up next.

Just a quick aside - Paula looks really good tonight - she has her hair up and for the first time in a long time, it doesn't look like she's wearing a wig.

Asia'h Epperson is up first tonight, continuing with the 80s theme and the most embarrassing moment interview clip. Asia'h says her most embarrassing moment was when she was an extra on the set of a movie. It was a whole roller-skating thing and it had been a long time since she had been on skates, so she was trying to be cool and do trick on her skates and she ran into the set light and everyone was laughing at her, but she says she likes to make people laugh, so it was OK.

She sings Whitney Houston's "I Wanna Dance With Somebody" and she comes out wearing the most hideous outfit. I'm not sure what she was thinking when she put on a pink top and these pale purple pants. Maybe she was trying to look the part and fit into the 80s. I don't know - but it's not flattering at all. But on the bright side, her voice is fantastic tonight. She picked a great song with a great beat - perfect to start off the night and she actually sounds a little bit like Whitney, too. My only criticism is that she didn't do anything to the song to make it her own - she's just kind of singing the same version Whitney sung. I mean, she's singing it great - I'm thoroughly entertained but after watching guys like David Archuleta and David Cook make their songs a bit original, this performance seems a bit stale in comparison. But, I'm willing to bet it's still the best performance among the girls tonight.

Randy starts off by reminding the American public that he recorded that song with Whitney Houston and he says it was a tall order for her to take on but that she proved tonight that she deserved to be there because that was hot. Paula tells her she nailed it. Simon tells her he's not quite as enthusiastic because last week it was Celine, this week it's Whitney and at best, it's second-rate Whitney. Asia'h interrupts him and says, "I'm not Whitney - I'll take second-rate Whitney." Simon adds that she did the Whitney version of a Whitney song and she didn't do as well. He does, however, concede that it was good enough to make the top 12.

Next up is Kady Malloy and I'm kind of wondering if we even need to listen to her sing tonight - I mean, I'd say it's pretty clear she's leaving tomorrow night, so it seems like such a waste of 5 minutes to pay attention to her. Let's get it over with...

Her most embarrassing moment was in 9th grade when she auditioned for the yearly talent show. She sang "Beautiful," by Christina Aguilera, which she says she ruined, and her music teacher hated it. As she was leaving the stage she tripped over the microphone cord and microphone fell and the whole speaker system collapsed, causing that annoying microphone screech.

Tonight she sings "Who Wants to Live Forever" by Queen, and as expected, it's not great. I'll give her this - it was better than last week's disaster, but it sounds like a bunch of out-of-tune screaming to me. Plus, in my opinion, she should have done something young and fun, like Asia'h did. This song was too slow, a bit dull and overall, made her mistakes that much more noticeable. If she makes it past tomorrow night, I will be stunned.

Randy tells her it was a very interesting song choice and that she did a pretty good job of it. He says queen is really hard to sing, but the good thing is she hit those big notes really well. He adds that she didn't support some of the smaller notes well enough, but that it was pretty good. Paula tells her that this was her best performance, which is most probably true. All her other performances have been pretty bad, but then again, so was this one... I'm not sure why no one has noticed that yet. I'm holding out for Simon - he'll speak the truth. Paula continues and says that she disagrees with Randy, that she feels the magic, for her, is in Kady's soft notes. Simon says it was better than last week, but that he's still having issues with her massive lack of personality - that she's like a robot when she sings and he just can't get anything out of her - like the Stepford wives. Lastly, he tells her she may be in trouble.

Here's what I don't get - he tells Luke Menard, who actually did really well last night that he won't make it to the next round, but Kady, who was really bad, he only says she may be in trouble? Again, I must repeat this - if she makes it through tomorrow, I will be stunned. She's just not as good as some of the other girls and she's really nowhere near as good as any of the remaining men.

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Anonymous said...

Asia'h was good, but I agree with Simon that she can't possibly measure up to Whitney.

Kady is horrible and should go home. Please. Go.