Thursday, March 6, 2008

Not at all what I expected

We're back to the girls again. Ryan asks Ramiele Malubay to stand up and he messes with her a little bit before telling her that she's in the top 12. Carly Smithson is next and she, too, is safe and in the finals. Amanda Overmyer is next and she is also on to the next round of competition. So, we're left with just Asia'h Epperson and Kristy Lee Cook. In my opinion, there's no question it should be Kristy Lee Cook, but you never know how America votes.

Ryan goes over what they sang and what the judges said and tells them that Asia'h is going home tonight. Wow... I'm totally surprised - I thought she was great last and Kristy Lee Cook still hasn't done anything great. My only consolation is that Kristy Lee Cook has got to be the next one to go.

We're on to the guys now and I'm kind of torn. I feel like Danny Noriega has chosen bad songs and really played up his personality, at the expense of his talent. Chikezie has done fairly well with the singing, but his attitude, I think, is what people dislike about him. So, in terms of talent, it should totally be Danny Noriega who goes home, but I don't think that will happen - let's see...

So, Ryan tells the two guys to come to the center of the stage, goes through their performances and the judges' comments and the last member of the top 12 is Chikezie Eze. It's Danny Noriega who goes home tonight.

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