Thursday, March 6, 2008

Kristy Lee Cook is "faithfully" forgettable

Kristy Lee Cook says she is most embarrassed by memories of herself when she was 7 years old because she believed she was a dog and she spent a whole year on all fours, barking and growling at people, and she had her own dog bowl that she would drink out of and rats that would ride on her back like jockeys.

She sings Journey's "Faithfully" and it's pretty good - she's got that country twang that adds a little something new to the song. She goes out of tune in some spots, especially right at the end, but overall, it's OK. I mean, to be honest, I'm kind of sick of this song - it's so overplayed, so I kind of wish she had chosen something else. But it could work in her favor, choosing a song that everyone knows. I don't know. While she did fine, I find that I'm still not excited by her - she's still kind of blah for me. There's just nothing about her that stands out.

Randy tells her it was a great song and adds that he worked with Journey for a long time, and what he liked about it was the country lilt she put on the song. Paula tells her that it could be a hit for her in country music... did no one hear her singing off-key? Was it just me? Simon says it was good that there was a country influence, but he still thinks that her problem is that she's forgettable. He tells her that now, she's going to be battling with bigger voices and bigger personalities and at best, he sees her coming in 10th, which seems to be just fine with her.

Ramiele Malubay's most embarrassing moment is really the only one so far that is actually embarrassing - at least in my opinion. She says that in 5th grade, she rode her bike over to the house of this boy she liked. She dropped off her picture and rode her bike to the other side of the street to see if he would look at the picture and he came out with his mom and they laughed at it.

Oh no - she's singing the "American Idol" anthem. I feel like as long as I've been watching the show, which is only three or four seasons, someone, at some point, has sung this song, at least once each season. It's a great song, but I wish it would be removed from rotation, especially when there are so many to choose from. In case you can't guess, she's singing Phil Collins' "Against All Odds."

And the worst part is that it's not her best performance. I can't put my finger on it, but she's just not up to the same level she was that first week out. I actually liked her disco number last week, but it's like every week, she slips a little in my book. I hope she's able to pick it up next week.

Randy tells her it was another big song, big vocal and that they loved her when they first saw her and he's happy to see her return to that, but that she needs to find that confidence again. He says he feels sometimes while he watches her sing that he can hear her also thinking. Paula tells her she is beautiful and starts to say something about the colors in her voice but stops herself and instead says she has a lot of textures in her voice... she's then sidetracked by the audience and somehow ends up calling them mutts and then saying she loves mutts - all very odd. Simon says it was good because she's so little and cute but he thought it was very old-fashioned and he didn't hear that big money note he would have liked. He says he's heard a lot of performances like this one over the years, so actually, he thought it was predictable and he's not jumping out of his chair on that.

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Anonymous said...

Kristy Lee didn't do so well this week. I really thought her voice hit some weak notes and I actually cringed. The judges must have been fooling around and not listening carefully. I think she will get vote of this week.

Ramiele was good but not great. But she should be in the top 12.