Thursday, March 6, 2008

No one's gone yet...

So, we're really starting to get into this season - this is the last mass cut. Starting next week, we'll see the contestants go one by one. I'm looking forward to it, but I'm also dreading it a bit just because the performance night is will be so long and the results night starts becoming mostly filler. But, we're getting closer to a winner and that's what really counts, I suppose.

Oh good Lord. I thought we had seen the last of Blake Lewis. I had a very strong love/hate thing going with him, because I felt like he did some interesting things with his songs, but his arrogance was just too much to handle. At least for me. But, he's back tonight to perform "How Many Words."

I hate it. The song is bad, his voice is bad - the only thing I like about him is his ability to beat box. I find that fascinating, but really, he's just not entertaining. I know there are tons of people out there who love him, so for all of you, I hope you're enjoying his performance, but I've actually resorted to muting him.

Wait... did they really put Blake Lewis in place of a group song? Of all the weeks, I would have loved to hear a group song this week, maybe a medley of 80s songs... what a waste to change it all up for Blake.

Well, it looks like people are really tuning in now - more than 36 million people voted this week - that's crazy. I'm shocked that after 7 seasons, people are still so into this show.

So, we're starting off with the guys again this week. Ryan tells David Cook to stand up first and he, of course, is safe and the first one in the top 12. David Archuleta is asked to stand up next and he is next to join the top 12. Jason Castro is asked to stand up and he's looking delicious, by the way, in a nice white shirt and it looks like he braided some of his dreadlocks. I love how he pulls his hair back, too... but I'm getting sidetracked... he too, is safe and in the top 12. Yay!!

So it looks like we're shifting over to the girls now. Brooke White is the first girl to be asked to stand up. Ryan goes over what she sang and what the judges said and tells her that she is safe - the first girl in our top 12. Syesha Mercado is next and Ryan asks the judges whether they think she went through and they all say yes. And they're right - she's in the top 12, too.

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