Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Kimberley Locke and Idol Gives Back

It's time to watch Kimberley Locke perform. I honestly have never heard her sing - I didn't start watching until Carrie Underwood's season, so I'm kind of looking forward to watching her perform. They show a clip, kind of catching up with her - she owns a steakhouse and has lost like 40 pounds. She sings a song called, "Fall," and it's a good song - I wish it hadn't been a ballad - they tend to bore me, but since this is the first time I'm hearing her, I'm not bored - yet. But what's up with her dress - the bust area looks really funky - like they pushed her up and squeezed her in. I don't know... it's OK - still better than Blake Lewis.

Ryan talks about Idol Gives Back again and says that stars like Snoop Dogg, Reese Witherspoon, Gloria Estefan, Miley Cyrus, Daughtry, Brad Pitt, Fergie, Forest Whitaker and John Legend will appear. So, again, we get to see how the money raised last year was utilized. Here in America, money went to the Boys and Girls Club, with more than 10,000 kid joining. Also, money was given to feed people across the country, and three new mobile medical units are treating kids and administering more than 4,000 life-saving immunizations. 25,000 books were donated to impoverished communities to improve their literary skills. Then during the wildfires in California and the tornadoes in Tennessee, emergency support and shelter were provided, thanks to viewers.

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Stephanie said...

I hated Kimberly Lockes dress, but apparently Chritian, the winner of Project Runway, designed it.