Monday, March 10, 2008

Sanjaya's haircut

Last season's most infamous contestant, Sanjaya Malakar, was on Long Island over the weekend to sing at a lucky girl's bat mitzvah--and decided to drop by a fancy salon to get his hair cut....

Newsday's own Anne Bratskeir was there, and has all the details here. My favorite part:

[H]is famous hair was handled by at least three stylists including Jamie Mazzei, who trimmed 2 1/2 inches and worked with a razor to "accentuate the natural curl." Stylist Glen Davis tried out a version of Malakar's "faux hawk," but Malakar's publicist nixed it, saying it was "old Sanjaya." He left with a classic free-floating mane courtesy of salon owner Michael Mazzei. An MTV crew, working on a segment about catching up with Sanjaya one year after "Idol," documented the whole scene.
Three stylists, and an MTV crew... man, imagine if he'd actually won Idol.

Newsday Photo/Julia Gaines

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