Thursday, March 6, 2008

The obvious choices are out of the way

Ryan tells Kady Malloy to stand up next. This has to be the first exit of the night - it has to be. I will lose all faith in this show if it's not. Ooh... I really like her dress - I wonder where she got it. (Not what she's wearing in the photo - that's from last night) Ryan goes over what she sang and what the judges said and then tells her that she is the first one tonight to go home... I'm so shocked, I don't even know what to say... yeah, whatever. It was completely expected and awaited.

Wait... her dress is a shirt?? It's hideous as a shirt - I would wear it as a dress, personally. And I really wish they would stop making people sing their songs after being booted. Let's look at this logically... we've voted her out because we think her voice is terrible - why continue to subject us to the torture of listening to someone we've chosen to stop listening to? Makes no sense to me.

OK - let's get back to the results. David Hernandez is next. Ryan does his performance recap and tells him he's safe and in the top 12. Michael Johns is next and he, too, is moving on to the finals. So, now it's down to just Danny Noriega, Chikezie Eze and Luke Menard, so I've got like a 67% shot at being right with both my guesses.

Luke Menard is next and after going through his performance recap, Ryan tells him he is the first guy to leave tonight.

So, the obvious choices are out of the way now... The next two are the ones I'm most curious about.

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