Wednesday, March 5, 2008

David Cook is hot, hot, hot

So technical difficulties keep David Cook from going next. Instead, Michael Johns takes his place and tells us that his most embarrassing moment was when he was doing mascot work in Australia. He was dresses up as a kangaroo, Boomer the Roo, for a rugby match and four guys jumped over the fence took him down to the ground and beat him up - in front of about 20,000 people.

YES!!!! This is what I've been waiting for - He sings Simple Minds' "Don't You (Forget About Me)," the theme song to "The Breakfast Club," one of the greatest movies from the 80s, if not ever. Is this the first time he's sung so low? I feel like I haven't heard it before - I actually think his voice sounds stronger in the lower range, I wonder why he doesn't do it more often. Boy, I just love this song - makes me want to watch the movie... I may do just that when I'm done blogging - I have it on DVD. Overall, while I love the song, I'm not sure I loved the performance. I feel like he's done better. But, that doesn't mean he was bad... it's kind of like David Archuleta... still great, just not as great as before.

Randy says, "Aussie boy goes home, man, for 80s week...I love that, man, it's like, it's so you, I mean you kind of remind of Michael Hutchence, you got that big old range, that big old voice, very nicely done." OK, so I'm confused. For starters, the band who sang this song is not from Australia. I believe they're from Scotland, so his going home thing doesn't really work. And wasn't Michael Hutchence in INXS? Definitely not in Simple Minds. I'm very confused... or maybe Randy is... who knows? Anyway, Paula tells him he picked the perfect song and that loved hearing the strength in his low range. Oh no - are Paula and I seeing the same things? I may need to switch it up a little... Simon says he liked it, he didn't love it. He says, though, that he's like one of the girls in the competition, that he's a huge talent, but he hasn't connected with the right song.

David Cook tells us that his most embarrassing moment was when he was younger and in a talent show. He sang "Sandman," by America, and halfway through the song, he realized he didn't know the second verse and instead of faking his way through it, he stood there like a statue.

He sings Lionel Richie's "Hello" and I may cry. I know we've gotten to a point where liking Lionel Richie is corny and lame, but I'm not ashamed - I love Lionel Richie - I think his songs are everything they should be - the ballads are beautiful, the up-tempo songs are fun. He's just awesome and I'm dying to see what David Cook does with the song.

Wow... I just had to rewind the whole thing because I was so mesmerized, I forgot to start typing. For starters, I have major goosebumps and my eyes are filled with tears that won't fall. It was amazing, absolutely amazing. I've been kind of whatever about David, even though he's been consistently good. But tonight, he just knocked me over. I almost don't know what else to say. I mean, it's possible that my love for the song may be swaying me, but I don't know, I don't think so. He was just flawless.

Much like last week, with David Archuleta's "Imagine," I feel like if you missed it, you've just got to see it.

Randy tells him what he likes about it is that he made a slightly emo version of a very pop, extremely pop song. He says it was a great arrangement, that he thinks it could be a single and be a hit. I couldn't agree more - I'd love to hear it on the radio tomorrow, if that were possible. He ends by telling David it was brilliant. Paula says she loves when he hits the stage because she knows she's in for a great surprise and great talent. She says it was fabulous and that he makes perfect choices. Simon says it was a very brave thing to do and he loved it. He tells him he likes it when people go out there and take risks. He says it was unpredictable and that Lionel Richie will be very happy when he hears it and that he really, really hope he'll be around next week.


Anonymous said...

David Cook was awesome (and hot)! Good for him, he's proven to the judges that he has charisma, and so much more.

Anonymous said...

Re: D. Cook-- It was an interesting version of "Hello" but I can do without the screaming part of the song.

Vickie said...

You are totally right about Randy's comment to Michael Johns. I believe Simple Minds are from Scotland and Inxs is from Australia. I picked up on that right away. I'm glad I wasn't the only one thinking Randy was confused. Go Michael Johns!!! He is HOT!!!!!

Vickie said...
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Benny said...

It was brilliant. Made me a fan!

Anonymous said...

I love David Cook too! I found this really cool website that's got some of DC's pre Idol music and a really funny list of 201 reasons to vote for DC. You can even buy tshirts and they said all the money they earn will be donated to The American Cancer Society.

Steph said...

:D david cook is an amazing singer!
*and hot* hehe
but i defenitely think david should win, he is such a good performer, and everything!

Anonymous said...

David Cook has been my favorite since Hollywood week. I personally thought he deserved to win. Not only because he has an amainzg voice *and is hot* but he does amazing things. CONGRATS COOKIE!!!


5ISofiaAmanda said...

I love David cook he is awesome and hot!!! his album is great and his singing is amazing!!!

Celeste Smith said...

oooh, I love David Cook (well, not love, love, but you know what I mean..I'm rooting for him) and I love this song (I'm Alive), but, have to say, he's not killing. Hopefully, his next song will be better.

dAVID said...

David Cook has been my favorite since Hollywood week. I personally thought he deserved to win. Not only because he has an amainzg voice *and is hot* but he does amazing things. CONGRATS COOKIE!!!