Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Bunch of stupid questions

Jason Castro is up next and he is quickly told that he's in the top 10. Ramiele Malubay walks on stage next and literally overnight, she's become one of my biggest annoyances. She just started this weird whiny thing last night and I ignored it because I thought perhaps it was an isolated incident, but here she is again tonight, playing this baby-voice whiny brat and it's really aggravating. Ryan asks her if she regrets not sticking to a ballad last night and she says in a very slow, very child-like voice, "A little bit." Ugh... and somehow, she makes it into the top 10... crazy.

Another break from results... We're doing the calls from viewers things again. So boring... First question is for Simon - "Why do you spend so much money on cars and nothing on clothes?" He responds by saying that that was a very rude question because it implies that he looks terrible. But he answers by saying that the reason is because unlike other people on the show, he actually doesn't have an ego. Whatever.

Next question is kind of boring - something about whether Simon would consider filming a sequel to the kiss scene thing they did a couple of years back. He says yes he would because Paula is actually a very good kisser. Yuck.

Next question is for Ramiele - what was the last song she downloaded on her iPod? Se says R. Kelly's "I'm a Flirt."

Next question is for Michael Johns - is his experience on "Idol" everything he thought it would be? He says it's everything and more - a lot more stressful.

Thank goodness that's over - this question sequence thing is so stupid...

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