Wednesday, March 12, 2008

A bunch of boredom

So, they're doing something new this year - taking calls from viewers. The first call comes in from a 12-year-old Pennsylvania girl and she asks Jason Castro, who looks terribly embarrassed to be chosen first, "If you could be one judge for a day, who would it be?" Jason at first says he'd pick Paula, since she's the most unlike him, but then he says he'd wear some of Randy's shoes with a V-neck like Simon, kind of like a hybrid.

The next question is from some guy in North Carolina, who says he's auditioned for the show 6 times and he wants to know from the judges what it takes to make it. Simon asks, "You've auditioned 6 times? Get another job?"

Wow... we're still doing this? What a complete waste of time... The next question is for Simon and Ryan - the guy wants to know why they don't just duke it out on stage... Ryan answers, "I say load in the mud, I'm ready."

There's another question, too, but I'm so bored with this, I'm fast-forwarding past it... sorry.

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Anonymous said...

Oh Ryan,"load the mud?"