Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Amanda Overmyer last to join the bottom three

Back to the results... Syesha Mercado is next and she joins the top 10.

It's down to Amanda Overmyer and Chikezie Eze. After the nationwide vote, Ryan tells Chikezie that he is safe this week and it's Amanda who is in the bottom three.

I'm a little surprised, but not really. I think after a while, Amanda's singing style is just too limiting. It's a shame - I think she's very entertaining.


Suzanne said...

That was a shocker! Amanda is very unique and will be missed. A group card has been started for Amanda. Stop by and leave her a personal message...

Anonymous said...

I think it is about time that Amanda is off. I am a mother of a teenage girl and I certainly would not want Amanda to be her idol.

America needs to put a little more purity in front of its younger generation.... not tattoos and streaked hair. Carly needs to be the next to go.

Anonymous said...

I'm very saddened by the viewer who believes American Idol contenstants need to present fake, puritanical images.

What an upsetting thing it is to have some enormously talented people judged by their tattoos and hair and not their voices and character. If you're watching this show purely for looks, try the Miss America pageant instead. Not only will you get to see tons of squeaky clean, bubbly young ladies for your child to idolize, they'll also blow some smoke up your ass about how they'll "change the world!"