Wednesday, March 12, 2008

David Hernandez "Saw Her Standing There" covering her ears

Brooke White is originally from Mesa, Ariz., a large suburb outside of Phoenix. She moved to Los Angeles so she could work on music. She was a nanny to twin girls and she says it was a wonderful job and she misses them. She says everything has changed since "American Idol," but that it's an exciting change and she's just grateful to be there.

She sings "Let It Be," and this week, she's playing the piano. She, much like David Cook, has been getting better and better, so the expectation for tonight is much higher than it would have been like three weeks ago. I actually like her style - she's kind of earthy, very simple. She's toned down every song she's chosen to a very simple melody, with a slight accompaniment, and it works for her. Tonight is no different - I'm not blown away like I was last week, but she's still in my favorites list. This was a tough song because the chorus is very repetitive and with every "Let it be," you have to make it different and interesting and she managed to do it, I think.

Randy tells her he doesn't think it was her strongest performance but what he likes about her is that she has all this conviction and she gave a very heartfelt performance. Paula says this is her niche, picking song where America can feel her heart, blah blah blah. Simon says he thought it was, again, one of the best performances of the night. He thought it was a brilliant choice of song, that she's done it three weeks running now and actually, it's believable and great.

David Hernandez is from Glendale, Ariz., hometown of the "amazing" Jordin Sparks. He says he got fired from his job as a server at Pizza Bistro on his day off and he's also a student as Arizona State University - he's majoring in broadcast journalism. he says a typical day is waking up at 10 or 11am and going to school and then going to work at the Pizza Bistro (I thought he was an "exotic dancer" at a gay club. Funny how he doesn't mention that job at all). He says he doesn't miss that routine so much.

He sings "I Saw Her Standing There" and he's moving all around the audience and I hate to say it, but he actually moves like an exotic dancer. I wish he would just say something about it so people would stop talking about it already. I mean, he had the perfect opportunity when asked about his job. But anyway, it doesn't really matter because tonight, his moves are way better than his voice. It's like he's another person - where's the big voice? Where's the talent? I don't know if it's the song choice or what, but this is a huge disappointment for me. He may be in danger for tomorrow, because this performance wouldn't have even gotten him past the first audition if he'd sung it then. I will say this, though... he looks really nice tonight - I like the vest and tie, very nice. Especially the way the shirt is untucked, kind of messy looking - it's sexy. He should have picked a better song, though. Bad, bad choice...

Randy says that with this song, which is really simple, he says it was overdone, he was trying to do too much with it, so he was lost from the beginning. Paula agrees and says he overdid it a little - too many runs. Simon says, "David... no, no, no." He says it was corny verging on desperate and that it just wasn't a strong performance.

Amanda Overmyer is from Mulberry, Ind., a small, rural town outside of Lafayette. She's a nurse and she likes to ride her Harley - everyone in her family rides, so she says it's a good way for them to get together. She says now it's all new territory to her - it might be a photo shot, it might be interviews.

She sings "You Can't Do That" and she looks great - not as good as last week, but still way better than that week where they made her look like a cartoon. I kind of wish she'd take the blond out of her hair, but she's wearing simple striped pants with a tank top and a colored scarf, simple and comfortable, like last week. Last week, her make-up was a bit more subdued, it reminded me of Ally Sheedy in "The Breakfast Club," after Molly Ringwald cleans her up - so it was refreshing. But the eyeliner is back this week... oh well, can't have it all, I suppose.

But putting that aside, her performance is fantastic. I feel like she pulled a David Cook on this a little bit - she rocked up the song without destroying it - she made a few subtle changes and it was great. I would say it was her best performance so far - no mistakes, no pitch problems, great use of the stage... just wonderful, really.

Randy says she took a Beatles son and took it to a Southern bar and rocked it out. He says he loved it, that it was very cool. Paula says she looks fantastic, that she's smiling, having fun. She says she's blown away. Simon tells her it wasn't as good as last week and that she slurred a lot of the words and he didn't understand them. He also says it's a good thing she's in the competition because she's like a breath of fresh air when she comes on, but if he's comparing week on week, it's not as good as last week.


Anonymous said...

David H: He tried too hard and the performance looked a bit manic. The vocal was a bit weak.

Brooke: I was actually brought to tears by her performance. I felt it was her best so far.

Amanda: Totally rocked it out -- I was actually cheering at the end. I am so happy she was able to rock out a Beatles song without butchering it like Kristy Lee. I may actually download this performance of Amanda's from I-Tunes for 99 cents. (Obviously, I liked it!)

Anonymous said...

What a shame that people let trash talk about David affect their voting. He has more talent in his baby finger than the rest.