Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Chikezie's a coward

I almost feel bad that Jason Castro is next, because as I've mentioned before, I'm completely in love with him, but I have to be honest. David Cook was so amazing tonight, I feel like no one can match it.

Jason tell us his most embarrassing moment happened while he was out on a date and he was trying to be cool. The food came out (I guess they were at a restaurant) and he went to tie his hair back - at the time, he was tying it with his dreadlocks. One of them ripped off, so he had a dread in his hand at the dinner table and it was really awkward and just bad, but the good news is that they went out on another date.

He sings Leonard Cohen's "Hallelujah," which has also been sung by Jeff Buckley. I admit, I am not familiar with this song, so I'm a little concerned that it may affect the votes, but after calling a few friends, I've been assured that the song is well-known, so it's all fine. Wow, it's actually a really beautiful song - I may have to check out the original. I'm glad he's still awesome without the guitar, even better, actually, I think. I wish I could figure out what I love so much about him - there's just something about him. I was really worried that he might falter tonight, but he did just the opposite. He actually came back stronger.

Randy tells him it was a great degree of difficulty, that the song is one of his favorites, and that he did a pretty good job with it, considering what a tall order it was. Paula says that although there was a level of difficulty, he made it sound so effortless, but then she loses it and starts like three sentences without finishing them... Let's just say she liked it too. Simon tells him that the Jeff Buckley version of the song is one of his favorite songs of all time and he says he thought that it was absolutely brilliant, what he just did. He says it was arguably one of his favorite performances of the night, definitely Jason's strongest so far and that he is getting better and better and better.

Yes and yes and yes!!! I'm so happy - I hope this means he'll be back next week!!!

After such a high of watching David Cook and Jason Castro back-to-back, I'm not sure I'm ready to listen to Chikezie Eze. I'm just so over him - I really want him to go home and he can take his attitude with him.

Chikezie's most embarrassing moment was when he first started high school. He says that every day, he'd go back to the same bathroom time and time again, mostly because it was so clean and nobody else was ever there. One time he went back and he noticed that the door is closed for the first and there's a sign on the door that says "Women" - he always wondered why there were no urinals.

He sings "All the Woman I Need," which has been sung by a bunch of people, including Luther Vandross and Whitney Houston, and it's pretty good. But here's my big problem. This is the song he sang during his first audition this season. I can't say it enough - I hate when people rely on the same song again and again. It's just cowardly. You sang it once, it got you through. Now, let's move on see what else you can do - don't show me the same trick over and over again. Plus, given that this was his second time singing it, it should have been perfect, and it wasn't. I mean, can we say goodbye to him already? Please?

Randy tells him it was an interesting song choice but that he did a god job with it. Paula said he sounded really good tonight, and that she's proud of him. Simon asks him if Whitney Houston sang the song... Chikezie goes through a list and says yes that Whitney Houston did sing it. So, Simon says, "Then, no, I don't think that worked at all." He says he was OK in bits, but that it was much more cabaret than last week and that he doesn't think it was a very smart move. Finally, Chikezie keeps his mouth shut, but I'm hoping it's too late. I'm hoping Thursday is the last time I have to see him.

So, now for my guesses. I kind of protest my first choice simply because I think he did a great job tonight, but I think Luke Menard is going home this week - he just hasn't endeared himself to the public like some of the other guys have. And I'm kind of torn about the second guy. I desperately want Chikezie to go home, but Danny Noriega really wasn't great tonight. But you know what? There's always a bit of wishful thinking in my guesses, so officially, I choose:
Luke Menard and Chikezie Eze


Gordon said...

Jason's pick shows great taste. "Hallelujah" is by Leonard Cohen but is performed by lots of other artists. Many people heard it on the Shrek movie soundtrack by Rufus Wainwright.

My favorite is this live version by Allison Crowe There's also a beautiful video on Youtube There's many more versions on
My Old Kentucky Blog

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Hey Gordon, the Allison Crowe version is great, but my favorite is the k.d. lang version.

Her voice is so pure and perfect.

Anonymous said...

I agree completely with your bottom 3.

PBX said...

Ahh I thought I had the the song before. I just couldn't remember from where.

Anonymous said...

I love this song. It's interesting whoever sings it. Bono's version is the most different I've heard. I agree about the amazing Allison Crowe. Glad to see Leonard Cohen getting so popular.