Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Ramiele Malubay "should have known better" than to dress herself... they have stylists

Chikezie's most memorable moment was from Hollywood week, the first time he got compliments from all three judges.

Why is this happening to me? And why at 3:48am? Chikezie is going to sing my No.1 favorite Beatles song, "I've Just Seen a Face" and I just don't know if I have the energy to properly bash him when he ruins it. Chikezie may have earned a reprieve last week because his performance was so good, but this song is just not meant for him. I would rather have not heard this song tonight than to have to hear it from him.

Unbelievable - he slowed it down. Nothing could ruin this song more than slowing it down. It's one of the Beatles' great, kind of bouncy up-tempo songs. It's meant to be a happy song about someone falling in love, someone who's so jubilant he wants the whole world to know he's just met the one. It's a song just bursting with joy and excitement and Chikezie makes it so slow and gloomy, you'd never know what the song was about if you didn't listen closely to the lyrics. I'm disgusted.

Seriously? As if it weren't enough that he's already ruined the best song ever, he's now turned it into some kind of hootenanny. I mean, the song does have a slight country sound to it, which is why I thought Kristy Lee could probably sing it well, but not like this. I'm so upset by this arrangement, the truth is I can't even tell you if he's singing it well or not. It's just a poor fit all around. If Kristy Lee hadn't been so bad tonight, I'd be right back to wishing he'd go home.

Randy said there were some good parts and some bad parts. He said he liked it when it went to the fast part, but he didn't quite get the slow part. he said it was a very weird, strange arrangement with the harmonica. He says maybe it would be a good country song but that it was strange. Paula says he's showing who he is. Huh? Is she really implying that he's a harmonica-playing country singer? Because I completely disagree with that - I'm sure Chikezie would disagree with that too. She's just lost her mind. Simon says it started out OK and then he played the harmonica, which was literally atrocious and then it turned into "Achy-Breaky Heart" at the end. He says it wasn't as good as last week, that it was kind of gimmicky.

Ramiele Malubay's most memorable moment has been making new friends. She says the contestants have become close because they're stuck with one another, but that it's a good kind of stuck.

She sings "I Should Have Known Better" and all I can say is that yes, she should have. She should have known that the pants she put on were so big that they went all the way up to her chest. She should have known that the ivory hat she put on didn't match the pale yellow shirt that's being swallowed up by the huge pants and Lord knows she should have known not to sing a song called "I Should Have Known Better" because it's just inviting all kinds of snarky comments, much like the ones I just dished out. In all seriousness, I realize that her pants are supposed to look like that, but in my opinion, she's way too short to pull off that look - it just makes her look smaller and kind of stocky. The hat is just unnecessary and it really just doesn't go with anything.

Maybe she realizes how stupid she looks because her singing isn't that great, either. She does have a few moments here and there that are very nice, but overall, she's fallen into the just OK group and she may find herself in the bottom three tomorrow night, although no one deserves to go home like Kristy Lee Cook does.

Randy says he's not jumping up and down but what he loved about the performance was that she showed the confidence that he knows is in there. He says it was all right. Paula says it was better than last week, but that she wants her to go back to ballads because that's where she really shows her range. Simon said it sounded like Chikezie was on harmonica. He says he likes her, that she has a fantastic personality, but the track sounded terrible, very amateurish and that she chose a very mediocre song and didn't show the best of her ability.

So, I think it's pretty obvious, I think Kristy Lee Cook should go home, although I think Ramiele and Chikezie may be in the bottom three with her.


Anonymous said...

What is the story with Ramiele? A total unravelling of a potential dynamo. Very disappointing.

Chickezie -- the part he sang after the harmonica was pretty good, but I agree w/ you -- he is not really country & the last 2 wks. have def. had a twangy twist from him.

My picks to go home: Kristy or Michael Johns (sorry, Eileen). I would rather see Chickezie in the TOP 10 than Kristy or Michael.

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