Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Chikezie is in the bottom three

So, after a recap of last night's performances, Ryan moves on to the results. He asks Chikezie to come to the stage first and after going over what he sang and what the judges said, Ryan tells him he's in the bottom three. YES!!!!!! Could it be? Could my dream really be coming true???

Anyway, Brooke White is next, and as expected, she is safe.

Carly Smithson is next and did any of you catch how she was standing, covering her stomach?? But, it turns out it's nothing after all, or so she claims. They actually do address the rumors and sh says she is not pregnant and that she actually wore a girdle last night to appear thinner than she is. I applaud them for addressing it, but I still wonder if it's true. Anyway, we'll get to watch her grow, or not, because she is safe.

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