Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Kristy Lee Cook is next in the bottom three

Tonight is the first Ford commercial for the group and it has a political theme to it - very ironic, considering our governor just resigned today amid a crazy sex scandal. It's OK - a little dull.

They're playing some tape now of how much "American Idol" has changed their lives and just like that, they're back to the results. They're probably trying to get the bottom three out of the way so Katharine McPhee can perform. I hope she's better than Blake was last week, because he was a disaster.

Anyway, Ryan tells Chikezie Eze, Amanda Overmyer, Kristy Lee Cook and David Cook to stand up. Chikezie is first and after more than 29 million votes, he is safe. Amanda is next and she is also safe. David Cook is next and there's no question - he is safe, too. So, looks like Kristy Lee Cook is the second person in the bottom three and oh no, we have to listen to that horrible arrangement again. Oh how funny - she actually says to the audience, "Sorry you gotta hear it again." I still think her voice sounds great with this song - it's just that the song should never be country.


b2b guy said...

dialidol actually had her in the middle of the pack. We know the loser is actually the loser, but have they said for sure that the 2nd to last person up there is actually 2nd to last in voting? Kristy did deserve to be in the bottom two, but if she hadn't it would make AI voters look... like idiots? shallow?

Anonymous said...

kristy lee cook should have gone home last night, especially out of the bottom three they picked...