Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Kristy Lee Cook joins Carly in the bottom three

David Archuleta is up next and after going over what he sang and whatever, he is the ext to join the top 10 and the traveling tour.

Michael Johns follows and he looks a bit scared. Ryan asks him if he still feels good about his choice to sing "A Day in the Life" and he says absolutely, that's it's one of his favorites and he wouldn't change a thing. Ryan then tells him he is in the top 10 and he actually falls to his knees in relief and excitement. I'm actually happy for him - I hope he comes back next week and gives that wow performance we've been waiting for.

We're taking a break from results right now to watch a behind-the-scenes thing about the filming of the Ford commercial, which this week is set to "Should I Stay or Should I Go?" about filming a video of some kind of UFO sighting. It's OK - not one of my favorites.

Back to the results... David Cook is next and Ryan reminds him of how Simon told him last night that he looked kind of smug and asks him, "How do you react to that?" and he says simply, "I don't." It's a great answer, but one that could make him appear even more smug. But it doesn't matter, because he's in the top 10.

Kristy Lee Cook is next and when asked how she thinks she did last night, she says she thinks it was her strongest performance. But we all disagreed because she joins Carly Smithson in the bottom three.


Anonymous said...

The only surprise here is that she hasn't gone home yet!

Anonymous said...

She must have an enormous fan base, because I think she needs to go. She needs to try out on the "Nashville Star."