Friday, May 2, 2008

"Idol" boss: Why would I fire Paula?

I guess because the "American Idol" contestants aren't super-exciting this year we've all got to find something else to chatter about, right?

Otherwise, why else all the rumors over Paula Abdul getting fired, when a minute's logic tells you her quirky (OK ... at times downright weird) behavior is exactly why she's on the show to begin with.

In an unusually candid interview, Paula's boss said as much:

"Why would we get rid of Paula?" wonders Cecile Frot-Coutaz matter-of-factly, when questioned about possibly nixing the wacky "American Idol" judge now infamous for -- among other things -- critiquing both of Jason Castro's songs after he'd sung only one.

All the chatter about Abdul's slip-up during Tuesday's "Idol" performance show doesn't faze the FremantleMedia North America CEO and "Idol" executive producer. Nor did the subsequent speculation about the singing competition's authenticity.

"I love that everyone was talking about it," she told The Associated Press over lunch in her office two days after the show. "It was so unexpected. It was something that took up 2 seconds of airtime. You'd think there was no other news on television."
Would Cecile Frot-Coutaz rather everyone was talking about the battle of the Davids?

Yes, of course. But for whatever reason, the public just isn't interested in that type of stuff, this year.

So since Cecile Frot-Coutaz would rather we talk about Idol -- good, bad ugly -- than talk about "Dancing With the Stars" or Barack Obama, or Miley Cyrus, or Roger Clemens, she's fine with Paula Abdul hogging the headlines for now.

Here's the problem, though: to a certain extent, these tangential issues are interesting. However, we watch the show for the singers. If the bread-and-butter of the show isn't strong enough to beat out navel-gazing gossip, "Idol" is in deep trouble.

The ratings are already down; unless someone busts out with an amazing performance these last few weeks, or unless they bring Josiah back next year, I'm not optimistic about the future of the show we all love.

You can read the full AP story here, including the news about Idol Gives Back maybe not being back next year ... .

AP Photo of Paula Abdul


Anonymous said...

why would anyone fire paula......shes so nice!

Josh Leo said...

Thought you might appreciate this American Idol Parody that was on the front page of youtube today:

Animal Idol

Anonymous said...

The whole show is in a downslide. It is obvious they want a David vs. David finale and they do not want Jason to spoil that. Paula should have apologized to Jason Castro and to the audience for that revealing "error."

CA Gonzo said...

Paula is cool. Everyone can make a boo-boo on live TV. Just look at W's news conferences ... screwball everytime. Or Lieberman's corrections of McCain

Anonymous said...

This is the most unique and well managed AI blog that I have seen yet, and I have seen a few (americanidol, idolchatter, idolexpose, etc..) thanks for being here!

First, Paula stays. Ratings would suffer (poll results already published) and the networks don't care what she is on, so long as she is lucid and can read her cards. Preferably in the correct order, but if not, they will cover for her.

In case you haven't noticed, she is the only woman on staff and onstage.

America and Idol are attached, like it or not. There's been a merger, and Paula, regarding the feminine side of the bonding, you are it.

Unless Paula has a 'Seven Year Itch' in some other career direction, the marraige goes on.

And if you think some exec could just fire her, and replace her just like that, well, think again - fire her for doing what in all likelihood the other judges are doing too? Can you spell 'messy divorce'?