Wednesday, May 7, 2008

American Idol cuts... Jason Castro

Hey, Ace Young's gonna be a guest star on Bones next Monday. See, sometimes these commercials are worth watching. We're back, with Syesha (in a cool purple top) and Jason (usual plaid) standing on stage.

As Ryan recaps the brutal judges comments Jason says somebody told him he shot the tambourine man yesterday, which is pretty funny. They both seem pretty nervous, Jason says his inexperience may have been kicking in, it's getting tougher.

Syesha talks about her emotions last night, that she's living her dreams and the civil rights aspects of A Change is Gonna Come, referencing we may have our first black or female president. Things do indeed change.

Ryan reveals the result... and Syesha's in the top three. Goodbye, Jason Castro. His tape is fun, he really is a fun, easy-going guy. Lots of funny moments, always had a goofy smile on his face.

There's a delay as he does his farewell I Shot the Sheriff, seems to be some technical issues. Oh well; this isn't what we'll remember him for, as he's cut off halfway through like often happens.

Jason had a really nice run--I think his version of Hallelujah way at the start was one of the top three performances so far this year. It's too bad all his weeks weren't like that.

And so, we're down to the Davids and Syesha. Can she sneak into the finals next week? Suddenly there's some drama again.

Well, Eileen, hope you got some nicer birthday presents than Idol gave you tonight. But here's a look back:


Anonymous said...

Good riddens what a snooze fest this guy was! I hope david Archulletta is next he's enough to make you take a nap!

Anonymous said...

Cook is the only real one. Archuletta has the "gee golly" act going on and Syeesha has played the race card very cleverly.

Anonymous said...

I think that it was long overdo for Jason to leave. He had a weak voice. It wasn't nearly as strong as the other contestants. As far as the two Davids being the best, I disagree. I wanted Michael Johns to win. He had a lot of talent and charisma. I don't think that David Archuletta is good enough to win. He is just an average singer and I don't understand why so many people think he's so special. Therefore, I disagree with the Newsday writer who said the two Davids were the best. I also think that Kristy Lee Cook's voice was not appreciated as much as it should have been. She is quite talented and I hope that she has a career in the industry.

Anonymous said...

I LOVE Jason Castro!!! I always will!!
He had a terrible night on Tuesday but he has such a sexy voice and he will do much better when he can write and record his own stuff away from the greedy b*stards' reach at AI and FOX -- this show is such a sham. Jason was the most original and exciting thing to happen to this show since season 1. Good luck, dude!!!!

Anonymous said...


You brought so much joy and originality to this otherwise predictable sham of a so-called "reality show."

Like the previous poster says, he is mad crazy sexy and will have a more successful recording career than all of the others on this season combined.

He will be free from the evil hands of American Idol once the summer tour ends. I cannot wait to buy his first CD. I am so hooked on his sound and his vibe.