Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Does David Cook get cut?

The four got flown to Las Vegas on a private jet, Idol actually dares to compare them to the real Fab Four (the Beatles); they went to see a tribute show.

It's really getting hard to separate the show from the commercial tie-ins. There's a hilarious segment showing them all getting prettied up, then they're at the show. I guess this is the payback for Idol getting to sing the Beatles songbook earlier in the season.

Ryan calls David Cook up next, leaving Jason and Syesha backstage hugging each other. Randy gets asked if he makes it to the final what does Cook need to do, he says just keep doing what you've been doing, rock it out. Cook says he did feel a bit off last night, from when he woke up.

And he's safe, too. Big applause, the two Davids do a chest bump, and Syesha and Jason Castro both get called out to the stage. Ryan messes with them, then to break.


Anonymous said...

Hands down David Cook is the best of the top 3 left. If he does not take the #1 spot it would be a travisty! Make sure you voye to keep him in!

Anonymous said...

David Cook should win if America gets it right this year. He's original and has alot of potential out in the music market. Please don't let Snooze boy Archuletta win!

Anonymous said...

I agree - David C should win. He's so much more than just standing there and singing. David A sings nice, but ballads only. Give him something fast to sing and - horrible.