Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Does David Archuleta get cut?

We're back, Ryan's talking about the July 1st kickoff of the Idol tour in Glendale, Arizona.

Then, the recap of last night--I, incidentally, thought David Archuleta was really strong (if cheesy), David Cook was inconsistent (but always worth watching), Syesha showed she could hang with the big boys (parts of A Change is Going to Come were amazing), and Jason Castro was... well, in his own world.

It's time for the results, Ryan says--which in the lying world of television means we're 47 minutes from the result. Nice young Archuleta gets called up first, to his usual shrieks; his stumbling humbleness never gets old. And of course he's safe.

Some technical difficulties as Ryan tries to promo the Idol tour again, instead we just go to commercial. Which is for the new Sex in the City movie.

A coworker who went to the media preview said there are some real surprises in it; I'll bet all the tour operators in Manhattan can't wait to add some new stops.


Anonymous said...

Please don't let david Archuletta win.....this kid is nice enough but he is soooooooo BORING! It's like a listening to one of those tapes that's supposed to put you to sleep at night. The same old boring monatone voice in every song. If this remains a singing contest david Cook should take the number one spot.

Anonymous said...

DAVID ARCHULETA is the best singer by far in this competition. He's also the most humble contestant. He has taken all of the judges comments both good and bad and tried to apply it and do his best. He and Jason Castro were the ONLY two to never get an attitude with the judge's comments. David Cook is a good singer but he's a smart-alek with a pompous attitude! From the very beginning, he had an attitude problem. Do we want that for the American Idol? NO!!! David Cook has NO personality and he CANNOT take constructive criticism. I can see him being another rude celebrity people. This is American Idol! Choose DAVID ARCHULETA!!!