Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Questions, we've got questions (and Maroon 5)

The Ford commercial is set to a bad version of Johnny Cash's Ring of Fire. They're all dressed up like bullfighters, it's pretty colorful.

And now, pre-recorded questions from actual Idol fans. Emily asks David Cook out, to great applause. He's like what do you like to do, she says she can show him around Pittsburgh, he winds up taking a breath and saying we'll see. That was pretty funny.

Next caller asks the group what's the biggest challenge you've had to overcome, Syesha says stage fright, Archuleta stammers out "I don't know", which makes me laugh out loud, Jason says the brain being dead.

This is a better-than-usual segment; and then someone asks Simon how come the Queen hasn't knighted him, he says he asks himself that on a daily basis. Mara, 13, asks Syesha how she feels being the only girl left, she alludes to getting teased by the guys. Paula says it's "fantastic" being the only girl on the panel.

A serious question, whether any of the artists have ever given them feedback, Cook says yeah. Marla wraps it up--don't any guys watch this show?!--by telling Simon he could be the next James Bond, he says he's available.

Maroon 5 does If I Never See Your Face Again. I keep thinking Blake Lewis is gonna slip onto stage. They're good, but the deadpan performance feels too serious for this show.

Ryan slaps hands with them all, says 'what's up brother' to Adam Levine; Ryan asks where they're touring, he says Europe, then San Antonio.

Ryan asks what advice do you have for the young people on the couch, he says hello young people; then says, get ready to work.

And it's a promo for Indiana Jones; you loyal readers out there will know this--but did you know you no longer have to go to movie theaters to see previews, you can now watch every single trailer just by clicking here.


Anonymous said...

What did the bleep out that Syesha said?

Jamshid Mousavinezhad said...

I'm not sure--I just assumed that was a technical glitch. Anyone else catch that?

Anonymous said...

She was talking about some movie or something the final four did that I don't think we are suppose to know about yet.

Anonymous said...

Maroon 5? I am sorry but it was painful to listen to that guy sing I wou;d rather hear Kevin Kovas sing again and that ain't good!