Wednesday, May 21, 2008

If we all "Dream big," David Cook may take home the prize

Round 2 is the song-writing competition. This year, instead of making both contestants sing the same song, which can unfairly tip the scales in one direction, they decided to choose 10 finalists and then let the Davids pick the one song they wanted to sing.

David Cook chooses "Dream Big," by Emily Shackelton and David Archuleta chooses "In This Moment" by Ryan Gilmore.

David Cook goes first and this is a perfect example of how a song can make you or break you. I understand that both these songs are new, but the song he chose is just bad. I mean no disrespect to the woman who wrote it and I completely understand why David chose it - it's probably the only song that fit his style of music. But, it's just not a catchy tune - the melody is not very pretty - even the chorus is kind of bland. Maybe I'm speaking to soon - maybe it's a song that needs to grow on you...

OK... I took the time and watched the performance three times and yes, the chorus does grab you a bit more after hearing it a few times. But, still, I don't think this song helped him move any closer to a win. He would have been better off singing a ballad, showing us one more tie how versatile he can be. Oh well - what's done is done.

Randy says the song was just OK but what made it really work was his voice, that he was singing his face off. Paula says some stuff, but I missed it and don't feel like rewinding - I apologize if she decided to choose this moment to say something profound or coherent. Simon, using a boxing analogy, says it was a bit of a lightweight. He thought the end was OK, that he made the most of what he had. He says that bearing in mind that this is supposed to be like a winning song, it didn't feel like a winning moment. He says the good news is that there's a third song and gives him a 61/2 out of 10.

David Archuleta is next and no big surprise here - the song he chose is a ballad. And even worse, you can tell right off the bat, his song is better. I hate to sound biased, but I am biased. I think David Cook is more deserving of this prize and while David Archuleta is great, I'm not convinced he'd sell CDs or concert tickets. But getting back to Archuleta, his song has a very simple, but catchy chorus and he sings it beautifully. He clearly wants to win this competition and is putting absolutely everything he has into tonight.

Randy says again, he wasn't crazy about the song, but he is so in the zone, he could sing the phone book and it would be good, so that was another hot performance. Paula says it was another heartfelt performance, that it's like he's on fire tonight. Simon tells him he loves the egotistical lyrics, how fantastically self-centered. I wasn't really listening to the lyrics - maybe he's talking about the lyrics mentioned before he started singing - something about looking at himself in the mirror and seeing perfection or something like that. I don't know. Anyway, Simon says Archuleta definitely chose the better song, much more in keeping with the night. Round 2 goes to David Archuleta, he says. I agree, but for me, I would rather it be worded Round 2 goes to Archuleta's song.


jn said...

haha okay so yea ur biased :p not that i object

Anonymous said...

to be completely honest, i agree with you about David Cook and i know my opinion wouldn't seem to be strong enough since i am a DC fan but even if i look at it as a person who have no interest in the two subjects, i would automatically agree regardless.

To me DC can attract the whole public ( from men to girls in their teen to women in their 50's) to his music, his fanbase will be/is bigger than DA (DA fans, please don't bash me because it is just my opinion). Whereas DA, yes, strong & wonderful voice but that's just it, he had never managed to grab my attention fully and i feel like he only caters to youngsters rather than the general public. Pretty much when he actually grows up, his light might fade away.

As for the song tonight, i can't say much because i haven't heard DA's song but then again if it's just how i expected it to be (a ballad) then, well, yeah still can't say much. Sometimes, it's not the lyrics that grabs one's attention but the whole thing, if you write good lyrics, it'll be just that, it won't work, with good lyrics, it should come with a good melody, then you can grab one's attention.

Anonymous said...

I think in the finale with the song competition, each contestant should choose the song they want to sing. Then the contestant should each sing their version of those songs as the 3rd song of the night. That we we eliminate hearing a song that's already been performed. Plus, each artist can show some versatility. I know David Cook could have sung Archie's choice but I very much doubt Archie could have done well with Cook's choice. Althought Randy would have still said it was molten hot and he could sing the phone book. Was Randy campaigning to produce this kids album or what?

Anonymous said...

whoever takes DC as rocker should listen to Chris Daughtry, Chris is the best rocker ever got on the show. DC didn't earn my vote.

Anonymous said...

You can be biased all you want as this is your blog. But Cook is not another Daughtry because Daughtry can sing and Cook cannot. He is a second rate trying hard copycat in my opinion. Archuletta is the deserving winner!

joyc said...

DC > CD,
And I'm a fan of both.

I think DA can only make an album of ballads and for teens.