Sunday, May 18, 2008

Idol psychics: Predicting the champ

And the next "American Idol” is David. But David who? Not everyone agrees on which David will win Wednesday night.

The winner: David Archuleta.

There's no question David Cook is a far more original and versatile performer than his young opponent, but as Randy has told "Archie” so often, "Dude, you can sing the phone book.” Add to that Archie's devoted legion of prepubescent and postmenopausal fans. And then there's this year's coronation song, which is bound to be more syrupy than a bottle of Mrs. Butterworth's. No one serves up syrup sweeter than Archuleta. We can already imagine his dad saying, "Pour it on.”

-- Daniel Bubbeo

The winner: David Cook

"Idol” missed its shot with Chris Daughtry two years ago. Sure, 19 Entertainment still makes money off him, but it would have been so much sweeter if the "American Idol,” not the fourth-place finisher, had been the biggest-selling artist in 2007. Cook's potential CD sales could even overtake Daughtry's. He's über-talented and can sing "Phantom of the Opera” with as much ease as Phantom Planet. The stylists have exposed his raw sexuality and - surprise! - he's also a nice guy. The perfect "Idol” package. Make no mistake, it'll be Cook singing the assuredly icky "coronation” song Wednesday night.

-- Ronnie Gill

For more on the final, read Verne Gay's column.


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