Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Probably paid advertising for "The Love Guru"

With no introduction, David Cook comes out singing "Hero," by Nickelback and is quickly joined by David Archuleta singing the harmony. Then in the second verse, they switch it up with Archuleta singing the melody and Cook the harmony. It's pretty good although Archuleta seems a bit out of place - this song is so not his style - it's totally a David Cook song, but still, it was nice to see them singing together.

Then, in an obvious plug, they show a video clip of scenes from "The Love Guru," and show the Davids at the theater, watching it and laughing. I think it looks ridiculously stupid, but that's just my opinion - I'm sure people will go out and watch it - I mean, millions watched Borat, right? Oh boy, this guru thing is going a lot longer than I thought - they actually have the Davids meet Mike Myers, dressed in character. He tells David Cook to lose the facial hair and makes some joke about how David Archuleta is prepubescent. There was some other stuff, but it was really dumb - the only funny part of the whole thing is when the guru tries to shave David Cook's face and puts a huge blob of shaving cream on his face - half of it falls off and David Archuleta quickly reaches out and catches it, which then gets David Cook laughing.

Geez - this is still going... Mike Myers shows up onstage dressed in character and tells Randy that he is his dog, tells Paula he loves her and tells Simon he loves him even more. I'm not sure I can take too much of this stupidity. He says the movie opens on June 20, andthankfully, this segment is now over.

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