Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Donna Summer, Carly Smithson and Michael Johns

The top 6 girls, all dressed in beautiful red dresses are singing Donna Summer's "She Works Hard for the Money" and "Hot Stuff." Then some dancers come out and do some stuff and then Donna Summer herself comes out to sing her new song, "Stamp Your Feet."

Wow - I hate to be mean, but her hair looks awful - it's clearly a wig and doesn't look natural at all. She sounds good, though - better than past performers. I don't know about the song though. It's not really my cup of tea.

Yeah...after the new song, she goes back to one of her biggest hits, "Last Dance." What's with Syesha getting so much play? Why would they let her sing with Donna Summer?

Next up are Michael Johns and Carly Smithson singing, "The Letter." They sound terrific together - their voices blend perfectly. It's been so long, even her screaming doesn't bother me.


Danny said...

The Michael Johns/Carly Smithson duet was awful. I like Carly and I think Michael has the chance to sell the most records out of this batch but that was easily one of the worst performances of the night.

Anonymous said...

Carly has one of the most powerful voices on the show, her voice will make the paint crack on your car. She is not screamming, it is the power of her voice, did Aretha Franklin scream, did Patti Labelle scream, no, these women all had very powerful voices for music. You really need to learn musical talent or be a musician before you flap our gums

Anonymous said...

no, there's power and then there's screeching. carly does the latter.

how about amanda obermyer. SHE SUCKS SO BAD! I bet they wish they didn't put her thru...who the heck's gonna go to the concerts to see her? obviously not comforable on stage; obviously not enjoying herself; obviously not her cup of tea.

and in the past years, the "3rd place idol finalist" usually got extra singing time. it's just common last that long, you deserve it cause you're better USUALLY than the rest.

i thought ryan was a jerk for saying about both carly and michael going home long before their time...may be true, but he could have been more tactful for the ones who lasted longer. talk about biased.

Anonymous said...

Forget the wig, I loved Donna Summer's new song. The version on iTunes is even more slammin'. Stamp Your Feet.

CJ in PA said...

Hey. The one news site said that the reason Donna Summer gave Sayesha her microphone was because hers stopped working (another audio glitch this season?). Maybe that is why it seemed so obvious during this song?

Mark & Dian said...

While Donna's older incredible songs are still showcases on their own, we do feel that it would have been great if the entire version of Stamp Your Feet could have had it's time in the spotlight; along with another song from her new absolutely astounding CD, Crayons. Donna looks terrific and her voice magnificent. She's a powerhouse and her new CD will blow you away!

Anonymous said...

I thought Donna looked great. I guess ageism is the "New" racism??? The woman is 59, not a pyramid!

Anyway, it would have been nice to hear more of Donna's new CD, but to have her sing Stamp Your Feet was a real treat.

Anonymous said...

I was an extremely disappointed viewer last evening. David Archuletta is a talented Young man who deserved to win. He is a genuine, shy and caring person. It is sad that viewers choose sex appeal over talent. Not that David cook isn’t talented but he is limited to rock. I have decided not to watch Idol in the future and hope that mature viewers will do the same. Hopefully viewers will get their priorities straight and future contestants will win because of their talent and ability.