Wednesday, May 7, 2008

"Mr. Tambourine Man," sing a song for me that will save Jason Castro

Jason Castro is next, and he says he's going to stick with the Bobs and sing Bob Dylan's "Mr. Tambourine Man." He says it's just a cool song and that Bob Dylan kind of started the whole folk rock movement back in the day and he very much relates to that and so he's excited to sing a classic folk rock song.

He starts off really great -- I'm just about starting to think that he can turn this all around and then it happens ... he forgets the words. And not only does he forget the words but he tries to cover it by singing nah-nah-nahs. It's really obvious and I'm wondering if perhaps he should have stopped and started over like Brooke did those few times. It's a shame, because this song was so perfectly suited to him and his voice, but it's like once he forgets the words, you can't think of anything else, and instead of listening to him sing, you're more listening to see if he'll forget the words again. To be fair, though, if you put aside his little error, his voice sounds terrific. I always wonder what the judges find fault in with him -- is it because he doesn't have a power voice like Syesha or because he doesn't have the creative brain to transform songs like David Cook? Because his voice is great and his song choices, for the most part, are pretty solid. So, I'm just wondering if perhaps the judges really aren't open to a different sound -- maybe they're just looking for that middle of the road pop singer, like Archuleta or Syesha. But who knows? Maybe they'll be kind this time -- it's not like he's done it before.

Well, Randy asks him how he thinks he did (Ouch ... that's the kiss of death question). Jason says he lost some lines in there. Randy then says he's not in the zone tonight, that he doesn't know what's going on. Paula says it is what it is, that at this point in the competition, they've all solidified their niche, and obviously, it didn't blow them away, but he blows her away. Simon just says, "Jason, I'd pack your suitcase."

David Archuleta sings Elvis Presley's "Love Me Tender." He says Elvis was inducted into the Hall of Fame in 1986 (its first year). He says he looked up the song because he didn't know it too well and he looked up some other versions and he thought it would be a cool song to sing because he hasn't really sung a romantic love song on the big stage before, so this will be an exciting week.

It's funny because at work, my friend Cindy and I were trying to figure out what he would sing, going on the assumption that he would sing a super-well-known, classically obvious ballad. We guessed it could be "Unchained Melody" or "You've Lost That Lovin' Feeling." And then I said, "Maybe he'll sing some really obvious Elvis song, like 'I Can't Help Falling in Love With You.'" Who knew I would come so close? That's my big issue with him -- he sings such huge hits, that I feel like people vote for the song, not necessarily for him. I'm not saying his singing doesn't deserve votes, but I think people tend to remember songs they enjoy, so he seems to always have the advantage singing songs that everyone on planet Earth has heard.

Randy says it was another great performance, that he likes how David was so tender and he caressed each word, that he's got it going on right now, the hottest vocals of the night. Paula says it was one of her favorite performance from him, that she felt his heart, that it was fantastic and very beautiful. Simon says he didn't beat the competition tonight, he crushed the competition.

So, tomorrow is my birthday, and I will not be blogging live for the results show. Instead, Jamshid Mousavinezhad, who brought you live updates on "Idol" Gives Back night, will be blogging tomorrow night's results. I'll be back next week through to the end of the season.

As for tomorrow night, even though I knew this was bound to happen, I had hoped it wouldn't be this week. But it looks like the day has finally come. I think Jason Castro is going home tomorrow night (on my birthday - how awful!). My only consolation is that I won't actually have to see it happen.


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday. I'm sorry that your boy Jason is probably going home on your birthday, but let's face it, he's been phoning it in for the past month and a half of the show. Other than his wonderful take on "Hallelujah" (which seemed to be a few years' ago), I can't remember any of his performances (well, at least his good ones -- his horrible rendition of "Memories" is permanently seared into my memory). I can understand Jason's appeal: he's handsome, has beautiful blue eyes, slacker charm and a warm voice. But he doesn't seem to really care. He looks like a talented person who grabs his guitar 5 minutes before show time, quickly picks a song and just runs through a first take up there on the stage. I will give him props for picking the more difficult, less well known first verse of Tambourine Man (the Byrds' version is the more well known "boot heels to be wandering" second verse). But I think what is vexing the judges is that he doesn't look like he's trying.

Syesha is definitely the most improved. I think she is a beautiful woman with acting skills and has a future on Broadway. Archuleta is so polished, especially when you realize he is only 16. I'm guessing he'll sell a ton of records to girls 13 and under. As for Cook, he is the most original, always putting his spin on a song and he's my pick for American Idol. Still, Jason might slip through to the Top 3 on the strength of his charm and appeal to women, like he did after other miserable performances in the past. If that happens, it will come at the expense of a harder working and more deserving singer.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Eileen
I look foward to your column each week from Arizona and agree with most of what you say.

Anonymous said...

I personally would love to see a final between Syesha and David Cook, the only 2 people left who have sung different types of music throughout the show. Up tempo, slow numbers, rock, show tunes, etc., without everyone of them sounding the same. Jason, no matter what he sings, sounds the same every song. And forgetting the words in the top 4? He should be going home. The little puppy Archuleta sings every song the same way. SLOW and in the same key. Is he in tune? Yes. At this point every song sounds the same. I hope if they are doing judges choice week, that one of the judges gives him a really up tempo number to sing. Maybe even two fast songs. Heck, the kid's father will probably run up on stage yelling about how unfair it all is. Now that would be hilarious!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Eileen. Maybe you can get Jason to sing it to you. he and David Cook are the only originals on the show. They sing every song choice in their own style. Where as David Archuleta, who can sing on key most of the time, has no style and Syesha tries too hard. The only performances that aren't forgetable are the ones from David Cook and especially, Jason Castro. I will miss him, the show will be less entertaining now. America doesn't get it right very often.

Sweet C said...

Jason Castro should have never even made it to Hollywood. He definitely should have gone home way before Carly and Brook. He cant sing. I am tired of looking at David Archuleta's fake smile. I hope the bottom 2 are David Cook and Syeisha.