Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Closer look at David Archuleta's week

Well Ryan says they're getting right to the results, which makes no sense, because as soon as you say one person is safe, the bottom is immediately revealed. But anyway, he calls David Archuleta up first.

Instead of going through last night's performances, Ryan shows a video of David's visit back home to Murray, Utah. He makes an appearance on "Good Morning Utah" and has a bunch of cheerleaders rush at him to hug him, visits a radio station and shows up at the Gateway Mall. Of course, there were screaming girls at every stop and by the time he hits the mall, he's in tears, overwhelmed by everyone's support. He does say something kind of cute - on the limo ride to the high school, he's kind of talking about how many people showed up at the mall and he says, "Gosh, where did they park?" It cracks me up because it's something I would wonder about myself. Anyway, it looks the entire high school is there to support him and Yosemite Sam (the mayor) announces that May 9, 2008 is David Archuleta Day.

OK, so now Ryan goes through last night's performances and asks David what the biggest obstacle was for him. David says learning three songs was a lot with visiting home and everything, but it was fun and it was all worth it once he got on stage. And since he competition is so close, they're showing the video if David's journey through the season now - I'm assuming they'll do it for all the contestants.