Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Idol looks for its top three

Happy birthday, Eileen (it's the 21st, right?!)--but yeah, I'm afraid it looks like your beloved Jason is going home tonight. After all, we can't have a top three that's all guys....

It's the usual melodramatic intro by Ryan, then he says nearly 51 million votes were cast last night. The top three were all within a million votes of each other apparently; hmmm, interesting--Syesha's really made a late run here. Assuming she's the 3rd, of course.

Ryan quizzes Randy about his harsh take on Syesha, Paula--in a dramatically plunging dress--talks about what she calls Syesha's amazing job, Simon's quizzed about his 'anger', which he says was just surprise at bad song choices.

Group sing, they're doing Steely Dan's Reelin' in the Years. It's fine, like most of these they're just filling time. Some serious lighting issues as it wraps up, people are either in the dark or overlit.

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