Wednesday, May 14, 2008

David Cook's week

Last is David Cook and Ryan says that the interesting thing about David is that it wasn't his idea to audition for "Idol." David says that it wasn't. He says he went to Omaha to be moral support for his little brother, Andrew. He says a producer came up to interview Andrew and ten turned to him and he said he wasn't auditioning, to which the producer responded, "Well, now you are." Ryan then calls Andrew up to the stage with him and David and David continues the story. He says he answered the question the producer asked him and made some Mandy Moore comment, trying to be funny and the next thing he knows, he's got a golden ticket and he's heading to Hollywood.

So, we're heading to Blue Springs, Mo., now to see David's visit home. He visits the local Fox station, where tons of fans were waiting, even though it was raining. While at the station, he gives the local weather forecast, he heads to a radio station and ten goes downtown to give a little concert, where he is completely shocked by how many people turned out and he tells the audience that it's the coolest day of his life. He then heads to his old elementary school where he plans to surprise his old music teacher, Mrs. Gentry, to thank her for inspiring to get into music in the first place. They had a whole assembly gathered, so I doubt it was a real surprise, but it was still really sweet. Then he's in a parade, with a tremendous, and I mean tremendous turnout - he, too, looks close to tears. He then throws the first pitch at a baseball game and says that he's gotten to do everything he ever wanted to do in one day.

Next is a look at his journey through the season.


Anonymous said...

DAVID COOK should clearly be the American Idol this year! It was certainly time for Syesha to go although I think she was more interesting to listen to this week than David Archuletta who has been a snooze fest with the same old boring songs one after the other.
I think tuesday night his 2nd song was out of key and his timing was off yet Randy said it was great? I think the judges can be very bias and push for votes for David A. Yes he has a nice voice but would I listen to an entire CD of his?
NO! I would be asleep by song 2.

Anonymous said...

If David Cook does not win, there is something even fishier going on than when Syesha "suddenly" found enough of a fan base to top Jason Castro in votes.